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Showresults: TyBees Velvetbucks Attila

At last it happened. We are having our own bred pride , TyBees Velvetbucks Attila on show. Both our first time for Attila , so, nerves everywhere . He has behaved extremely well as a show horse is expected! He listened well and still sat pit in short, he did it! He was 2nd in his class ( quality and movement class yearling stallions ) ! We are very proud . Worth repeating! TyBees Velvet Bucks Attila is a son of Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck and Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo . They prove once again to be a great combination.

TyBees Velvetbucks Attila

TyBees Velvetbucks Attila

TyBees Velvetbucks Attila

prijzen gewonnen TyBees prijzen gewonnen TyBees

Showresults: SSF Beautiful Jeanny to Remember.

SSF Beautiful Jeanny to Remember became 1ste on show.

SSF Beautiful Jeanny to Remember by Fallen Ash Scouts Red To Remember and our mare LF Sucha Fancibuck did great on the MHCEeurope show!
AOTE 1st place
Junior mares 1st place
Reserve Grand Champion Amateur mares
Open 2nd place

We are super proud to our mare LF Sucha Fancibuck, she creates brilliant offspring!