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Born: TyBees Levi Velvets Dempsey

TyBees Levi Velvets Dempsey born

The foal of Lucky Four Black Velvet The Cats Meow was born around 2 pm. Fortunately, the delivery went much more smoothly than the first time. Meow has a super maternal instinct and protects him very well. Like his mother, he is dun, dorsal line back and  zebra markings at the knees and hocks.  Beautiful!

geboren bij TyBees

Born: TyBees Velvet Bucks May B Baybelline

TyBees Velvet Bucks May B Baybelline born

On 29 May at 23h30 Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck gave birth. We call her TyBees Velvetbucks May B Baybelline . A beautiful bay girl ! The delivery went smoothly and Fanci showed as expected a good mother . This makes her the full sister of TyBees Velvetbucks Attila and SSF Velvetbucks Amazing Silver Moon. For us, a dream come true because we have now after losing our first horse Tybee, a full sister to her !