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Welcome to TyBees!

How did TyBees originate?

In our search for a common hobby we ended up with the horses, more specifically the miniature horses. After a lot of research in connection with pedigree, coloring … we had to make an effort. So we have taken the step to purchase an AMHA horse. This was Tybee.

Tybee was a naughty black pinto mare that we loved. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, Tybee died unexpectedly. We were devastated. And now? After visiting a breeding farm in the Netherlands, we decided not to give up. We therefore bought 2 pregnant mares. The mother of our Tybee and a daughter of the well-known stallion “Little Kings Black Velvet”. There was no doubt about a name of our stable, a tribute to our Tybee, namely “TyBees”.

When we thought about it, everything fell into place, because if you read the first letters of our names (Tamara and Brecht), this also forms TyBee. Our daughters Anouk (American) and Marit (Miniatures) are also beautifully incorporated. It was meant to be! At TyBees, our primary focus is on breeding and loving beautiful miniature horses

Our goal

We are a small-scale hobby breeder and we strive to breed a luxury miniature horse with a correct build and good health. A nice color is of course a nice bonus. American miniature horses are also known for their calm and good character.

Names in their pedigree include: First Knights Billy Idol, Boones Little Buckeroo, Rowdy, Sids Rebel, Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows, Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra, Little Kings Black Velvet, Champion Farms Nighthawk, L&D Scout, Dels Cowboy…

Our beautiful Tybee!

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