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Because we cannot keep related stallions, both Flinn and Ferran are for sale! Take a look at their page:

Tybees Levi IdolHawks Flinn

 SSF Velvetbucks Levi X MMHB Idols Elegance Lady Hawke

Tybees Levi IdolHawks Flinn

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Flinn is a colt with perfect proportions. Long legs, short back and a beautiful head with a little star! His pedigree does not lie either, all top names!

Tybees Levi Sucha Fanci Ferran

 SSF Velvetbucks Levi X Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck

TyBees Levi Sucha Fanci Ferran

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Ferran is a little copy of his dad, his color but also his upright appearance with big eyes. He would do great as a show horse or with his fantastic pedigree he is also ideal as a future stud.

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Brecht, Tamara, Marit and Anouk Vandermoere – Vandecaveye

  • If you buy a horse, we are happy to help you every step of the way.
  • If a stallion is purchased and there are no plans to breed and / or show, we can have him gelded for you, subject to reimbursement of the vet costs. Then you are 100% sure of a reliable friend for your children and / or grandchildren.
  • When we sell a horse, we would like to see it go to a home where a companion is already present (or where another one will come). Horses are herd animals and become lonely, stressed and unhappy at all when alone. We don’t sell a horse when it comes to stand alone.
  • All our horses are AMHA – AMHR and NMPRS registered and therefore have a passport and chip.
  • They are all DNA tested and parentage Qualified.
  • They are up-to-date with their vaccinations and are dewormed at regular intervals. They are also all used to the farrier who visits regularly.
  • Any transport costs are borne by the buyer.
  • The horse will not leave us until it has been paid in full.

“Who says happiness is not for sale has never had a horse “