Purchase mare: SSF Suchabuck Mouna

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We’ve had a lot of patience but finally there is SSF Suchabuck Mouna


After we had unexpectedly lost our dearest Foxy (in 2018), we really wanted to see a cremello mare in our meadow again.

We got a tip that one might be for sale. It was about Mouna, and we contacted the owners. Mouna was not for sale for the time being.

About 2 years later, we saw an advertisement listing her for sale. We did not hesitate and are happy to welcome Mouna to our herd. It’s not a replacement for Foxy, we know that, but we’ve got another bright white spot in our herd.

Mouna is a very calm and sweet mare. We and the children are very happy with her. In the future we hope for a beautifully diluted foal!

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