Purchase mare: MMHB Idols Elegance Lady Hawke

MMHB Idols Elegance Lady Hawke

In our search for a new bloodline to breed with the mares we came to a descendant of the well-known First Knights Billy Idol.

On our visit to this stallion we came face to face with his half sister, MMHB Idols Elegance Lady Hawke.  She is pinto palomino and reminded us very much of our late mare Foxy.  She turns out to be just as sweet as Foxy and that's why we followed our hearts and decided to buy her and wait a while to find a new stallion.  Immediately she had stolen our hearts with her sweet gaze and gentle character.

She has a totally new bloodline for us with first knights billy idol (World Champion) as a father, and on mother's side Champion Farms Nighthawk (Champion Get of Sire) as grandfather.

We are over joy with this new mare!