Mares at TyBees

We are the proud owners of a beautiful herd of fantastic mares. Each with a beautiful pedigree!

They are 100% American and therefore registered in the American studbook AMHA and AMHR.

They are also registered with the NMPRS (Dutch Mini Horse Registration Studbook.

All are DNA tested and Parentage Qualified (PQ).

 If you want information about the horse in question, click on her photo.



 Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck

Silver Plates Baccara Sampson X Lucky Four Black Velvet Juleybuck


 Lucky Four Black Velvet The Cats Meow

Little Kings Black Velvet X Solid Gold TCS Love Note




Lucky Four Black Velvet Juleybuck 

Little Kings Black Velvet X Landrys Cowboys Wildfire



Lucky Four Rebelchase Halana

Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows x Lucky Four Spotz Lost My Sock




Lucky Four Rebel Supreme Emeraldbey

Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme X Lucky Four Suchabuck Buckin Beauty



 SSF Beautiful Jeanny to Remember

Fallen Ash Scouts Red to Remember X Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck




TyBees Velvetbucks May B Baybelline

Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo X Lucky Four Sucha Fancibuck 




MMHB Idols Elegance Lady Hawke

First Knight Billy Idol X LM Hawks Anastasia




Kingswood After Dark Million Reasons

Oak Bay Salsa After Dark X ERL Whisper



SSF Suchabuck Mouna

Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio X Marks Bodacious Honey